Monday, October 3, 2011

Episode 176/500: Dentures - Wax Rim Try In - Maxillary Rim


You've made your wax rims, now what? To make this simple, I've created a list, like every other removable prosthodontics book/article.
This list is based on Dr. Dray's and Dr. Potter's guidance, and is made with the intent to make this process as easy as possible.

Thanks to those gentlemen for this great overview - I watched it this morning before hitting the prostho floor and getting shot down...

  1. Gas burner
  2. Alcohol torch
  3. Baseplate wax
  4. Fire source
  5. Large spatula to melt entire occlusal rim
  6. Small  spatula
  7. #25 blade
  8. Patience
  9. Maybe a facebow
  10. Tongue depressor (evaluate Ala-tragus)
  11. Occlusal Plane Analyzer
  12. Music

Technique - Start with the Maxillary Rim
  •  Start with the maxillary occlusal rim (Use denture adhesive if the damned thing won't stay in!)
    • Establish level of the lip and the occlusal rim (With the lips at rest the wax rim should project 1-2 mm below the lip line)

  • Establish lip support, (cupid's bow) - look from the side to evaluate angle between lip and nose
The Nasolabial angle is almost fully developed, but I"m weak on the canine region
I could have either added wax to the canin region, or remember to beef it up during tooth placement

  • Get the patient to say 55,44 - or - 50-59 - look to see if the lips (wet/dry line) contact just slightly.
    • Light, slight contact will tell you're good to go wrt maxillary rim and speecch

  • Establish occlusal plane w/ horizon (not so much the eyeballs) - adjust w/ large spatula
  • Establish Ala-Tragus (nose/ear) parallelism - adjust w/ spatula

  • Mark Midlines, high smile line and canine position to the rim

Marked the high smile line, canine and midline
Did everything shift when he smiles??  Hmm..interesting.

  • Facebow Transfer Record


  1. what about a mandibular wax rim tryin adapting to an existing maxillary denture

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