Saturday, April 21, 2012

Episode 338/500: Locator Pickup

Overdenture attachments.  The world has many different shapes, brands, kinds, colors.
Mandibular Denture:  
Problem: Everything from fit, retention, speech and eating.
Solution: Implant support and/or retention.
Instead of relying on saliva to retain a mandibular denture, there are many inventions man has come up with to aid a mandibular denture user (partial and complete).  Those inventions can be attached to roots (endodontically treated teeth and crown removed) or implants.  They either support or retain the denture that is fabricated "over" the root/implant attachment device.  

Hence - overdenture (or my theory on the root of the word).
Locator, Locator Abutment, Denture, overdenture, dental implant, complete denture
Locator Abutments

  Dr. Dray wanted to capture his technique of “picking up” locator attachments in a mandibular complete overdenture.  Honestly, this man’s 40 years of experience as a prosthodontist is evident - especially - this technique.  He’s played with enough little gadgets (intracoronal, extracoronal attachments for example) to know most are tiny little things that are difficult to manage, difficult to manipulate - and - often result in resorting to conventional treatments.

Locator, Locator Abutment, Denture, overdenture, dental implant, complete denture
Locator Attachment freshly picked up into the denture base.
Just before trimming excess acrylic.

Locators are one implant/tooth overdenture attachment "gadgets" that have passed the Dray test.

Dr. Dray delivered a complete set of maxillary and mandibular dentures the week previous and had the patient return for followup and incorporation of the locator attachments into the mandibular denture.

This is his technique - and - it’s straightforward.
We don’t work for companies, nor, do we receive cold/electronic cash, cheque, or, well, anything from dental companies - so - this is straight from the hip.



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